I still have my foot in the door in Downtown Osceola, WI. 

Sunday mornings I am often at the Osceola United Methodist Church 306 RIVER STREET

The church took me right in after the fire and gave me a whole basement to dry off the guitars that my brother Thom and I pulled from the snowy rubble.

I was giving lessons, doing repairs, sales and office work there. Now I don't have a shop at the church anymore however I can & do still meet with customers there if need be.

 I will be at the Friday Farmer's Market that the church hosts playing music.


My 5th Red Bird Music Store is opening May 1st, 2024 in New Richmond Wi.  near Westfields Medical Center and next to the BOB & STEVE'S Gas station.

After fifteen months of stumbling difficulties I realized that the rebuild wasn't meant to be. The slab has  a haunted feel to me now.

*The new store comes with a parking lot! It's only a two minute walk from my backdoor.

I have guitars (some made locally), strings, drums, records, T-Shirts and accessories ready to  clutter up the place. I will still restring while you wait if you wish. I will still be doing guitar repairs and at my home shop in New Richmond. The store is much smaller than the last three stores but there is plenty of room for good stuff. I will be rotating inventory from my home warehouse.


Thank You Everyone for your donations & prayers for me and my home business. They have been answered.

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